First National Conference of Naujawan Bharat Sabha successfully held

First National Conference of Naujawan Bharat Sabha successfully held at Delhi’s Ambedkar Bhavan on 26-27-28 September on the occasion of the 107th birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh

DSC01184Delhi. We are living in an era in which on the one hand the capitalist system going through its structural crisis and the bourgeois democratic space is fast getting shrunk to acquire the shape of fascism and on the other hand the revolutionary forces which could transform this capitalist crisis into a revolutionary situation are suffering from unprecedented phase of disarray and deviation. The anti-revolutionary wave continues to dominate the revolutionary wave. The shadow of injustice-misdeed-corruption-plunder-barbarism prevails throughout the society and an impasse has come to exist. It is to break such an impasse that the great martyr Bhagat Singh had called for reviving the spirit of revolution. It is to revive this spirit of revolution that the first national conference of Naujawan Bharat Sabha (NBS) was held on the occasion of the 107th birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh on 26-27-28 September at New Delhi’s Ambedkar Bhavan. There could not have been more opportune moment to organise the first national conference of an organisation which is inspired from the ideas of Bhagat Singh. It is to be noted that the name of the youth organisation which Bhagat Singh and his comrades had founded in 1926 in order to provide a new ideological base to the Indian revolutionary movement against the colonial slavery and to organise it afresh also happened to be Naujawan Bharat Sabha only. This name in itself symbolises the resolve to revive the great revolutionary legacy and to carry it forward.

DSC01137The aim of Naujawan Bharat Sabha, a revolutionary youth organisation, is to unite the scattered youth movement of the country based on the understanding of correct orientation and to carry it forward as an integral part of the anti-imperial and anti-capitalist struggle of the masses. More than 150 elected delegates from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra participated in the first two days of the conference, which happened to be delegate sessions. On the third and final day of the conference, an open session was organised on the 107th birth anniversary of martyr Bhagat Singh in which around 300 people participated which included the sympathisers and supporters of NBS apart from the delegates.

The first session of the first day of the conference began with the flag hoisting ceremony. Subsequently Tapish Maindola presented a report on behalf of the convening committee. The report describes various mass agitations, propaganda campaigns and different cultural and creative activities being carried out under the leadership of NBS in last 10 years. The report mentions that this conference is being organised at a time when our country demands the brave, justice-loving and progressive youth to rise up yet again and to fulfill their historical duty.

In the second session of the first day, the draft manifesto and the draft constitution of NBS was presented which was followed by intense debate and discussion. The draft manifesto mentions that it is the responsibility of the youth who follow the ideals of Bhagat Singh that they unite themselves at grass root level and also organise the masses against the religious fundamentalist fascist forces while exposing the treachery of bourgeois politics. The manifesto and constitution were passed at the end of this session.

IMG_2925In the first session of the second day, several resolutions were passed on important national and international issues which included a resolution paying tribute to the martyrs, resolution against the anti-people policies of the Narendra Modi government, resolution against the growing threat of religious fundamentalism throughout the world, resolution in support of the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people, resolution expressing solidarity with the mass movements going on in different parts of the world, resolution expressing solidarity with the mass movements in different parts of the country, resolution condemning the hoax ‘Love Jihad’ campaign carried out by Sangh parivar, resolution against the draconian laws passed by Punjab government, resolution condemning the brutal repression of the students movements in different parts of the country, resolution against the dalit and tribal atrocities, resolution condemning the environmental damage being done in the wake of capitalist greed, resolution declaring the students-youth Hindi magazine Ahwan, Punjabi Magazine Lalkar and Marathi magazine Sfulingas the mouthpiece of NBS.

In the second session of the second day, election of 17 member central council was held which in turn elected 7 member central executive from its midst which elected the office bearers. In these elections, Arvind from Haryana unit of NBS was elected as president, Yogesh from Delhi unit was elected as Vice-President, Chhinder Pal from Punjab unit was elected as General Secretary and Shweta from Ghaziabad unit was elected as treasurer.

On the third and final day of the conference, the open session held on the ocassion of the 107th birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh began with the tribute to the martyrs. After this Abhinav, editor of students-youth magazine Ahwan, delivered his speech. Abhinav said that apart from education and employment for all, the NBS must also organise agitations on other democratic rights of the masses such as the health-care and housing so as to expose the capitalist system.

In the final session of the conference,  a special cultural programme was organised in which ‘Vikalp’, a cultural team from Muzaffarpur Bihar, staged Gurusharan Singh’s play ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ and also presented some revolutionary songs. Besides, ‘Dastak’, a revolutionary music band from NBS Punjab and ‘Vihan’, revolutionary cultural team from NBS Delhi presented some revolutionary songs. The conference was concluded with a rally to remember martyr Bhagat Singh on his 107th birth anniversary.


Convening committee

Naujawan Bharat Sabha


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